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Uh Oh! Where Did We Go?!!!

I must send apologies out to everyone who reads our blog. It seems that during some housekeeping, we disappeared!

This was definitely not meant to happen and we are grateful that someone whom we work with was able to tell us our blog was lost. We found it, but some of our most recent posts have yet to be found. We are working on getting that content back and adding some new reviews and product must have’s to The Charleston Makeup Artist ASAP!

Clarisonic Mia

Mama Mia! Clarisonic just announced a great new price for the must have skincare tool we are including on our Wall of Blame!

And we have to share some exciting news about the Clarisonic Mia! Just received an email from Clarisonic today that it is now priced at $119!!! We have tried other versions of this great product, but nothing truly compare’s to the original. We will tell you about those tests in an upcoming post, but in the meantime, run to get the Mia at its’ great new price!!!!

Check out Clarisonic’s website for more information.

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New SyFy Series Starts Tonight

SyFy faceoff Series

Just a reminder that the new SyFy Series Faceoff begins tonight!

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Sara, SyFy and Starting 2011 In Style

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful bride this past week. Sara rang in the New Year with a beautiful wedding and I must say she was simply wonderful to work with. The reason I mention this is because we communicated a lot prior to her wedding about what she wanted, style choices, and want she felt did not work for her. As a makeup artist it is sometimes hard to tell if a particular look is working for a client because they remain silent. It is important to always remember that as a client your choices, not the personal preferences of the makeup artist, should always be the #1 priority.

Do not feel like you have to apologize if you do not like a color an artist picks out for you. Know that feedback is really appreciated and by speaking up you will get the exact look you want for any occasion.

I am also excited about a new SyFy series that begins on January 26th. It is called Faceoff and features Effects Makeup Artists in a new reality competition. We have seen a few shows with Makeup Artists before, but none like this. So it will be interesting to see the work and I can not wait until the first show. Thanks Jeanne for reminding me!

smoky lash make up for ever

My 2010 Favorite Find!

And last but not least, since it is the start of a new year start it off stylishly by sprucing up your make up bag. For me I am adding a new fragrance to my scent wardrobe and am awaiting the arrival of my Sephora order any day! Also, had to get another Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara! I am telling you that this stuff is amazing!

I rarely purchase the same mascara twice because nothing gives me that false lash look without the false lashes, but Make Up For Ever delivers! It is definitely one of my Wall of Blame picks for 2010!

I want to hear from all of you though as to what product you could not live without after trying it for the first time in the last twelve months. What do you suggest I add to my makeup arsenal?

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Kimi Sarchione is newest Associate Artist at Bella Segreto

Kimi Sarchione was born in the rural town of Alliance, Ohio. From a young age, she found a passion for performing arts. She began dancing at the age of three, and, by high school, her performance ability blossomed into acting. Kimi Sarchione is newest Associate Artist for Bella Segreto

While in high school, Kimi became a member of the Speech and Debate Team. She competed in drama interpretation, making a quick rise as a stand-out student. She won numerous awards, including first place at the state championships.

After graduating with a major in Communications and Theatre Arts and a minor in Radio and Television from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, Kimi pursued a career in acting.

Kimi has worked and lived in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami, and she has appeared on several television shows, including Ugly Betty, The Office, Desperate Housewives, and Boston Legal, and been seen in commercials locally, regionally and nationally.

Kimi developed a love for makeup from working in front of the camera, and, upon her return to Charleston, Kimi pursued a behind-the-scenes role as a makeup artist, landing a job as a business manager and artist for a national cosmetic line.

What this gave Kimi even more than experience was her appreciation of different kinds and levels of beauty. It is her down to earth demeanor that makes everyone around her feel comfortable and at ease.

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Bella Segreto proudly announces addition of Effects Artist to staff

Jeanne Mitchum was born in Charleston, SC, but grew up just north of the historic town in Summerville, SC.

Jeanne’s fascination with fx makeup began at a very early age with the portrayal of her own original character “Spider Lady.”

Jeanne Mitchum is newest addition to the Bella Segreto family

Jeanne Mitchum

In high school, Jeanne’s fascination with theatrics continued. She honed her skills as an effects artist by creating deeply rich characters for the school’s theater performances using elaborate makeup and costumes. She later attended The College of Charleston, where she continued her training and enhanced her skills as an artist.

Since graduation, Jeanne has worked as a makeup artist and photographer, and she currently instructs a course in Photography and Design at Trident Technical College in North Charleston.

Recently, Jeanne’s talents were showcased in the stage show “The Thorn,” which played to an audience of over 50,000 and included pyrotechnics, light effects, dancing, combat sequences, huge set pieces, acrobatics, and, of course, great makeup. Many critics have hailed the performance as “realistic theater.”

One of Jeanne’s mantras is, “It’s not enough to be gross and over the top. It has to be realistic to translate as ‘real’ for the audience.”

Although Jeanne has already worked on several films and large productions, she aspires to one day work along side renown makeup-artist Wayne Toth on a Rob Zombie project.

Yes, I am a makeup artist. That is my main focus every day of my career. It does happen though that my job as a makeup artist overlaps with the facets of many other productions jobs. For example, on my recent film shoot I was working primarily as a producer. On the shoot before that I was working the majority of the time with casting and SAG negotiations for a new media webseries that will be on-air later this month, but on the latest project of mine I worked exclusively as a makeup artist and it was wonderful to be back to what I love 100%.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the production side of things too, but I think in order to be successful in any part of this crazy industry we call home, you need to have a general idea of who the Director of the shoot is, who the Line Producer is and why they are going to be the ones you look to for direction while on set, you need to know if an outside talent agency is involved in the shoot because they may end up trying to “direct the director” and tell you to powder someone’s nose and get your fired because they Director of the shoot was going for the image you just covered up.

And as I have been on set more and more lately that one thing I have noticed more so than in the beginning of my career is the quality of makeup in my kit. There was a time that if the foundation was not at least $40 or more it would not have been considered “good” but technology has come a long way in that department! I have to admit that I was a makeup snob until crunch times while working in remote locations would force me to work with what I could find at a local pharmacy or grocery store. Yes, your read correctly!

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

I can say that I see in more professional kits Revlon Color Stay than I ever have before. The foundations hold up to the demands of all day shoots, work for all skin types, have great color selections, last all day, and are very easy to work with using traditional application with a brush/sponge, or easily spray from my airbrush if I need a full body coverage foundation.

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain

For the lips I have found that CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain truly does the job.Though a bit dry feeling on the lips, by applying a gloss you can keep the color without feeling like you have dried out your lips, and even alter the shade of the Lip Stain if you need to soften the hue.

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Family, Films Productions Take Flight, and Finally A Film Festival Submission!

Two months ago my husband’s 87 year young grandfather moved from Steubenville, Ohio, to a beautiful home in Summerville, South Carolina, that is exactly eight homes down our street.  So while we are fortunate enough to feel that he is not only family but also our neighbor, his first two weeks as a new SC resident had him in the hospital with pneumonia.

During the time spent running to doctors appoints for Gramps, most of my other time was spent on the production side of William Brian Baker’s first movie he was filming in Charleston, South Carolina.  Brian is now in New York and studying with the prestigious Stella Adler School in NYC, and I could not be more proud of someone who came into the shared conference room I share with two other production companies, say that he wanted to do A, B, and C., ask how the best way to do that was, and then actually make his first film.

I have been in charge of finding appropriate film festivals to submit ‘Gives’ to, and the first we have entered is the 2011 LA Film & Music Festival.  Most of those we want to send the reels to are already past their deadline and I will have to go these rounds again after the beginning of the new year, but I must say it is so well worth it.

Gives has recently been submitted to the 2011 LA Film and Music Festival

Gives has recently been submitted to the 2011 LA Film and Music Festival

I worked with an amazing cast during ‘Gives’ and look forward to working with most of the cast and crew again in the future.  Adam Ray has been seen on vRep for the reality competition focused for actors, Audition America, and Alex Hoffmann is just so much fun to work with on set that it should be mandatory he be at all future film shoots I will be on the set for.

I missed the wrap party for ‘Gives’ because I was in Greenville, SC, for a job for Charter Communications.  I must say that Jonathan Grubbs is an outstanding Line Producer and anyone needing an LP that you can fully depend on during the shoot, you must call Jonathan.  Mark Meyers, the Executive Director and owner of TradeMark Films, was phenomenal in knowing how he could use the crew and cast to achieve the look required from the script and I was so impressed by his commitment to not only this project, but his past projects as well.

I also had the opportunity to work with Annie Sundberg and must say that seeing how she handled the talent was amazing to watch.  I would have the most nervous person in my makeup chair and not five seconds later Annie was directing the emotions of the cast member in such a way they had a look on their own faces that they believed what they were saying.  It was the most impressive witnessing of a director pulling out amazing performances by her cast that I have seen to date, and I can completely understand that is what help Ms. Sundberg win both The EMMY and Academy Awards for a project she directed a few years ago.

So family matters are hopefully settled, the film I helped to produce is now being submitted to festivals, and just want to keep working with even more amazing people in the industry!

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Mother’s Day, Fragrance Snobbery & Gift That Make Us Happy

Vanillia Fields and Island Gardenia Perfumes

Making Mom Happy On Her Day

So yesterday was Mother’s Day. I nearly posted this insight prior to the day, but since I would be talking about what I was giving my own mom as a gift, I decided to wait just in case she happened to be a blog reader.

When I talk about my mom not even wearing chap stick I am telling the complete truth. I love her dearly and she helped to make me the person I am today. That includes her dislike of rouge on her cheeks, mascara on her lashes, and foundation on her face, as the catalyst for my obsession with all things cosmetic.

I would sneak into the drug store at 13 and 14 years of age, get on that intriguing Clarion computer, and trust it when it said that plums and mauve tones were my go to shades, and then proceed to make myself look like a clown in the school bathroom when I knew I could wear makeup without her seeing me. You see, I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 16 years old, and then I would perhaps be allowed a clear gloss and some powder. No foundation, no eyeshadow, no lipstick. When I was 17 I would be allowed to wear light pinks. Obviously that did not work out when my daily bathroom primping sessions where revealed when I became sick one day and my mom had to pick me up from school and I forgot to take off the evidence.

The one thing my mom and I do have in common is a love for fragrance. But alas, we are very different her too. You see I am a bit of a fragrance snob. I admit it. My first fragrance I wore was Estée Lauder’s Beautiful. I was 16. I even signed my high school yearbook as my favorite perfume being Beautiful. Who knew 18 years later I would still be in awe of this industry.

So I knew that fragrance would be the perfect gift for my mom. She has been looking for a great gardenia inspired fragrance. So at the beginning of my gift search I looked at all of the reviews. Most of the items where around $98, which I think is no big deal. Remember, fragrance snob here. But my mother is content with an $11 bottle because she is simply happy with how it smells. That is when it hit me that makeup and fragrance is supposed to be that very same feeling for everyone no matter what the cost involved is.

If it is one thing I have learned over the years in this business is that there are $75 foundations that perform just as well as some $7 foundations for me. You have to look at what works best for you and look past the idea of price determining the quality of a product.

So I purchased my mother Jovan’s Island Gardenia and Coty’s Vanillia Fields for Mother’s Day. It is what makes her happy, and that is what is important. But if anyone wants to make me happy, skip right on over to the aisle and pick up Robert Piguet’s Fracas for me.

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Computers Crashing, Casting Calls and BS On TV

So over the last few months I have failed to post any new blog topics. I apologize now as I was sans computer for a few weeks after it crashed and I waited, and waited, and waited some more for the “we promise your recovery disc will ship tomorrow” guarantee to fail. After that, I crashed. Nasty cold took another two weeks to get over. But feeling better now and have actually taken part in helping with a few casting calls. Interesting to say the least.

Which reminds me that as promised, I said I would let everyone know when the MTV True Life episode I worked on would air. The debut was last week, but there is a link to the full episode that I am providing for your pleasure while I work on some exciting news to let you all know about soon.

So enjoy this link provided graciously by MTV.

And a hint about what I am working on now? For everyone who has been interested in becoming a product tester, comment on what makeup item you would most want to see become a part of new cosmetic items that Bella Segreto offers!

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Lets Get Personal

On The Set

On The Set

I have always found makeup to be a very personal experience.  Each client I have ever worked with (including myself!) has their own perspective of how their makeup should be and should look.

Not everyone is going to have the same preferences in style and design and that is why is such an important tool for me as an artist.  I want to make sure that each person I work with is 110% satisfied with their look.  Their have been times that I know I can not create what someone is asking for and it is my obligation to help them find someone who can.  The reason for that is that even though working with foundation and blush and lipstick and eye shadows as my palette, being a makeup artist and creating a look for a client is still an extremely creative and demanding design process.

Before I meet with a client I try to find out as much as I can about what they have liked or not liked in the past, any allergies they may have, favorite colors, not so crazy about colors, products they like and use regularly, hair color, and much more.  Usually I have been sent the link to their online profile and I can get an understanding of where the direction of preferred style is headed.  Then I create a face chart with recommended colors.  This is all done before I even meet with a client in person.

When I finally do meet with a client I already have a working understanding of what he or she is wanting.  That makes the remaining process of consultation, application and event completion less stressful and less time consuming.

Regardless of any and all preparation I may put into a meeting, if there is not an easy flow of communication between myself and a potential client, if there is no relaxed feeling between personalities, no easy rapport, or we just don’t “click,” then the best results may not be achievable.  I only say this because of the strong creative aspect needed to understand the requests of any client. What is a natural, everyday look to me may be a clients “smoky eye” look, and vice versa.

So when you are looking to hire a makeup artist make sure that you feel comfortable with them, there is open and honest communication, and even though you may be interviewed by the artist for a potential job, you are also interviewing the artist.

There are plenty of clients I have met with and not been hired due to scheduling conflicts, weather delays, or a myriad of other reasons, but I have always been available to answer any questions at any time.  That personal guarantee is still in place today, so if there is question you have about the job, products, or makeup in general, please do no hesitate tot ask!

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